In a nutshell – you should post stuff on Facebook that’s interesting & relevant for your followers.

The key is to first remember WHY people use Facebook.

Yes, you can stay in touch with friends & read the news.

But really, it’s a LOT deeper than that.

  • Lots of us use Facebook out of sheer habit, because we’re used to it.
  • Everyone we know is on there.
  • It’s an entertaining distraction, when we’re bored or stressed.
  • And it helps us belong. We can join groups with people who share our interests; express ourselves in our posts & comments.

So it makes sense that when we post on Facebook – as a business – it’s going to connect best when we entertain & distract; or help people feel that sense of belonging.

Of course, there IS a place for posting about your products & services (particularly your special offers).

But for many people, that’s not entertaining. It’s not distracting. It doesn’t create a sense of connection or belonging with your business.

And so it’s pretty crucial to develop a fine balance in our business posts.

Add value, add value, add value. Entertain. Distract. And THEN ask them to buy.

Here’s how:

Share articles, videos & content from other sources relevant to your audience – with a comment in your post about YOUR thoughts on it.

Generally, it’s sensible to avoid religion & politics here.

But if you sell pet supplies, then sharing a link to a new BBC article “Why using ‘baby-talk’ improves our bond with dogs” is an interesting distraction for your dog-owning customers.

And if you post “We KNEW it! Our dogs love it when we talk to them like this ?” then it helps build that sense of belonging – that you are a business full of loving dog owners, who also chat away to them in silly voices. You’re just like me.

Share your own content – articles, blogs & videos – that are interesting & relevant to people who follow you.

This really, REALLY cannot be boring.

Even if it’s relevant – if it’s not interesting, and is dry or dull or slow, it won’t connect.

But if you sell ladies clothes, then sharing a blog post about “How to find the Perfect Jeans for your Body Shape” is an entertaining, informative read.

If you supply gorgeous high-end kitchens, then sharing a blog post about “How to Find the Perfect Layout for your New Family Kitchen” is useful & interesting if I’m thinking about changing my home.

If you’re a florist, then sharing a blog post about “How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet for your Wedding” is highly interesting & relevant if I’m getting married (or my daughter or sister is).

Now – we do get that producing your own content takes time + energy (really, we do).

BUT the smart thing is that you can use it again & again – as a blog; on all of your social media; as a download on your website; in emails to customers; as Facebook Lead Ad downloads and so on.

And they ALL help to build your relationship with your Facebook audience. They help create that feeling of belonging; that your business is the right choice for me, because we share the same interests & thoughts.

Share your special offers, products & services

Sharing compelling, time-limited offers works really well on Facebook.

It might be 30% off all vases, until Monday. Free papadums with every order this weekend. Free delivery for one week only.

It might be a video of your excited team unboxing the new collection of super-soft 100% cotton shirts, in gorgeous jewel colours for Autumn.

It might be a sneek peek into your new menu – super fresh, with new-season lamb from your local farm.

But it is always worth thinking about WHY your post would compel someone to take action – to message you; visit you; or call in to buy from you.

And sadly, just posting about what you do is unlikely to get many people’s notice.

So what’s the right balance for MY business posts then?

Well – if you sell high-value, high-ticket items, then it makes sense to add as MUCH value as you can, and ask for the sale less often.

It’s a far more considered purchase than buying a pair of shoes. And adding tons of value, so people get to know, like & trust you, is the best way to get them into YOUR business when they’re ready to buy.

If your average sale is much lower and you need a lot of customers – like in retail – then a balance of 1/3 sharing content; 1/3 your own content & 1/3 product offerings is a good balance.

We do get that this can seem like a mammoth challenge (we find keeping a spreadsheet is helpful, to track what you’re posting & when. You can track engagements that way too, to see what’s connecting best with people).

But it’s worth bothering with, because it works!

Posting interesting & relevant content WILL get more engagements, and more customers coming in to your business.

And if we can help at all – we’re always happy to have a chat about your Facebook page (no strings attached, honest!). Just get in touch or drop your details in below.

Until next time

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