I was on the receiving end of a brilliant upsell this week.

And it’s inspired us to think about we (and our clients) can create ‘no-brainer’ upsells, for our own businesses – to get our customers spending more. And even better, to get them feeling delighted about it!


I’m off to Gardener’s World Live next week, at the NEC (which makes me all kinds of happy!).

I tootled off to their website to buy my ticket.

The ticket includes loads of good stuff – free demos, show gardens, even access to the Good Food Show next door. It’s great value. £20 well spent.

And THEN they upsell you a seat at their ‘Live Shows’, with the experts off of the telly, for an extra £2.

It’s genius. A real, true no-brainer upsell.

You’re going to the show anyway. You’ve bought your petrol & your ticket.

Are you going to spend a tiny £2 extra to spend half an hour watching Monty Don, live?

Hell yeah!

Well, I am, anyway. And as the shows are 95% sold out, they’re obviously popular.

Now – I don’t feel ripped off or cheated in any way, that I’ve got to spend the extra two quid for this.

This is an important point. It’s hard to take something people see as essential OUT of your offering, and then try to charge for it. That just annoys people & is unlikely to be sustainable.

But I’m already getting great value. I know seats at the Live Shows are limited. Their upsell guarantees me a spot. I don’t begrudge paying £2 – in fact, I’m delighted about it. I can’t wait.

They are packing us in to almost 30 ‘Live Shows’ over the 4 days. At £2 a head, we’re taking £000’s of additional revenue from ticket sales. Not too shabby at all.

So what can we learn from this?


Is there a hidden ‘no-brainer’ upsell in YOUR business, that you can add-on & offer your customers?

• What do your customers really WANT? And what do they need?
• How else can you add value for them?
• Where are they going – and what else are they buying – before or after they come to you?
• Could you sell an upgrade them to a bigger / faster service or product?
• Could you guarantee or insure what they’re buying? Offer an extended return period & sell the peace of mind?

The options are endless – but we think it’s worth giving some serious thought.

Not everybody at Gardener’s World Live will have bought the upsell ticket to a Live Show.

But if you make a strong upsell (or cross-sell) available, then some of your customers WILL buy (the good old 80/20 rule).

It all helps to increase your average customer spend, drive sales & increase your bottom line.

It’s something we’ll be working on with our clients over the coming weeks – looking at where the opportunities in their businesses lie, and creating marketing campaigns to leverage them.

And if you get it REALLY right – and offer your customers what they really value – then you’ll not only make more money, but leave them feeling rather delighted about it too.

Which is what we all want, after all!

Until next time

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