The story of your business is unique to you. And using it in your marketing – to reinforce why people should buy from YOU – is a really powerful thing.

We’ve all had someone in our lives that we don’t like very much. Maybe a boss or colleague, or someone at the school gates. A customer, even.

They were rude. Miserable. Grumpy. You just couldn’t get on with them.

And then, one day, they shared something about themselves. Maybe they’d suffered a loss or were battling chronic pain. Maybe a loved one was unwell.

And all of sudden, you understand them better.

You like them a little bit more.

This is the power of sharing YOUR story.

Because the truth is that people buy from people they like.

And for most of us, we’re not the only ones who do what we do. Or sell what we sell.

Whether you sell B2B services or specialist products, our prospects have a billion options to meet those needs.

People have infinite choice.

And telling your story is a powerful way to get people to like you more.

So that they choose to come and buy from YOU – because they love what you do, and ‘get’ what you stand for – rather than just buying your product or service.

Maybe you’re a family business. Your story might be about how it all started, and the next generation coming through. But reinforcing your core family values throughout your marketing is a really smart thing to do. Because all of a sudden, it’s not just business. It’s SO much more than that. And family is something everyone can relate to.

Perhaps you started your business because something happened in your life, and you were inspired to make a difference. Telling this story helps people to believe that you truly ARE committed to making a difference for them, too. Because it’s so deep in your core values + beliefs.

Or maybe you started making or selling your products from your kitchen table or spare room. Your story might be around how you’ve grown & evolved since then, because you LOVE what you do. How your team are all deeply passionate, too. And how – if your buyer also loves photography, or dogs, or whatever you sell – then they are in the right place.

You get the picture!

All of our stories are there. They truly are. Even if they need some teasing out – I promise, YOU have a story that people will want to hear.

Your story is what makes your business unique.

The more we craft this into compelling marketing messages, that reinforce your ‘why’ – why people should come and buy from you; why you can serve them best; and why you are the right ‘fit’ for them – the more people will begin to ‘get’ what your business is all about.

And by getting these marketing messages out to as many people as possible, the more people you’re going to attract to you & draw into your business, choosing to buy from YOU – because they’ve made an emotional connection with you.

So! The obvious place to start is your ‘About’ page on your website (which is the natural place to tell your story).

But then, you can start crafting it into compelling copy, and start to work it into your sales letters, email campaigns, Social Media posts and so on.

All to consistently layer the message home – ‘come and buy from us, because this is WHY we do what we do, and this is why we are the right fit for you’.

We still have a lot of work to do on this. It kind of never stops, as your business evolves!

But as the business owner, it really gives you a lift too.

Because it helps you see all the greatness in your business. It helps you remember why you began and how far you’ve come.

And we ALL need to hear that more!

Until next time

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