Here at TMS, we love a good special offer, to attract new customers.

But that’s the key. It’s GOT to be good!

We all know that special offers are a handy marketing tool, to help bring new people into your business.

You offer something people want at an irresistable price. You advertise it to bring people in. Then you nurture them & add value, to turn them into higher-value customers.

It’s something lots of us do naturally in our businesses.

BUT. When it’s NOT done well, it’s the quickest way to repel people & lose money.

This week, I bought a special offer from a well-known online garden store.

48 plug plants for £6. Happy days.

The £6 offer was their cost to aquire me, as a customer. And now they have my details, they can market steadily to me, to get me to buy more.

But the plants were awful. Really, really bad. Half dead. We’ll be lucky if 10% survive.

I emailed their ‘customer care’ team (ha!), with – surprise, surprise – no reply.

We can safely say they’ve wasted ALL that time & energy spent creating the offer; marketing it + fulfilling the order (at below cost, I imagine).

Because my very first experience with them has been SO underwhelming, I will never buy from them again.

What’s the lesson in all of this?

Well – when we’re creating special offers in our own businesses, it’s crucial that:

  • You – and your whole team – understand that yes, you’re selling this product or service at very little cost. BUT you’ve got to act (genuinely act) as though it was an important, high-value transaction.
  • You have the resource to fulfil demand.
  • You not only fulfil your customer’s expectations, but go above & beyond.

AND you have your systems & processes clearly mapped out, to follow up after the special offer purchase, to help move them along to become ‘proper’ customers.

A special offer without properly thought-through follow up – to add value for your customers, build your relationship + encourage future buying – is just madness.

We have to serve our special offer customers with the same spirit & generosity, as if they were our biggest-spending clients.

It’s crucial, because this is likely to be your customer’s first interaction with your business. The return you’ll generate from your special offer depends on it.

In theory, the plant deal was an awesome way to bring new customers in. It was a shame the execution was SO poor.

It’ll be interesting to track their follow up marketing!

But if you don’t do your job well – deliver well, and nurture special offer buyers along the road to becoming higher-value customers – than the whole damn exercise is a complete & utter waste of time.

And none of us has time for that!

Until next time

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