Yes. We believe a blog is one of the BEST ways you can invest your time, as a business owner.

Not just for the blog itself – but for the powerful ways you can then leverage the content you produce.

Here’s why…

We all know that people buy from businesses they know, like & trust.

People choose to buy the things they are familiar with.

It’s why Greggs and Starbucks have queues out the door, while the café next door is half empty.

You know what you’re getting from them. You know what’s on the menu. It’s familiar to you.

And creating new content for your business every week is an excellent way to build familiarity with people in your market.

Your blog gives you a platform to talk about things that are relevant to your potential customers – in your unique voice, with your unique take on the world.

If it’s engaging, and interesting, and useful, then people WILL read it. They’ll start to look out for you. And week after week, people start to feel like they know you, too.

So when you come to try & sell to them, they’re already familiar with you. Your chances of making that sale are far greater than starting with a cold prospect.

If you’re smart about it, you can also use your blog to talk about things you have in common with your potential customers. The stuff they can easily relate to – like family; going to a wedding; losing your keys; getting stuck in traffic. Going to Starbucks.

It CANNOT be boring. No-one’s got time for dull. And it CANNOT be all about your business.

But creating that “me too” feeling is a smart way to help get people in your market to like you more.

And again, it’s the hard work that makes the selling easier. You’re much less likely to get objections to your price when you come to sell, if people WANT to buy from YOU – because they like you.

Why would they take a gamble on buying from an unfamiliar business, if they already know, like & trust you?

It makes sense.

But better still – the REAL wins from blogging come from the content you create, and the additional opportunities this brings you.

  • You’ve published your blog post.
  • Now you can share this across all of your Social Media platforms too.
  • Or break it down into several smaller articles, to share on Facebook.
  • You can add it to your website (always good for keeping it fresh!).
  • You can email it to your customer list.
  • You can film a quick video version for your YouTube channel.
  • You can use it as the basis for a Podcast.
  • You can publish it as an article in your newsletter.
  • You can use it as the basis of a free PDF download or Facebook ad.
  • You can print copies for your reception desk or till counter.
  • You can send it to leads during your sales process – “We talked about XXX – here’s a blog we wrote on that very thing just recently. Thought you might find it useful!”
  • You can update & re-publish it, a year from now.
  • You can collate your blog entries into a book or Ebook.

All to drive more customers into your business.

Yes, it takes time. And yes, it takes energy.

But it costs NOTHING to get started.

Maybe you’re not a natural writer. But it IS a discipline that gets easier, the more you do it. You wouldn’t start playing the violin & expect to perform a perfect concerto.

And once you’ve created the content in your blog post once, you can leverage it again & again & again, to help drive people through your doors.

What’s stopping you?

Until next time

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