Yes. We believe you should. And here’s why…

First off, we DO get that displaying your prices for all to see is a daunting prospect.

  • Your competitors will see what you charge. What if they undercut you?
  • Your customers will see – you’re not the cheapest. What if it puts them off?
  • And you price each job differently. There’s no such thing as a standard price list in your business. It just wouldn’t work.

We get it.

But here’s the thing.

Last night, I was looking for someone to come & attack the mammoth conifer hedge around our garden (I suspect they’re Leylandii, but that’s another story!).

I tapped the first three results on Google for “tree cutting” where I live.

All three were awesome websites – tons of pictures showing their work, clearly displaying their qualifications & packed with testimonials. Good stuff. No doubt any one of them would do a decent job.

But not a single one gave ANY indication of cost. Not even a mere whiff of a mention.

The pricing was 100% ignored.

Now – I get that it varies from job-to-job. I imagine it depends on the number of trees; their height; accessibility & where my garden is.

But as a consumer, it is SO bloody frustrating.


Not to the exact penny – that’s what quotes are for – but a rough idea of what I’ll need to spend.

And I don’t want to spend an hour on the phone to find out.

As business owners, it is our job to answer the questions of our potential customers. We HAVE to make it easy for them to get the information they need, to make the decision to buy.

And completely ignoring the question of price is a dangerous game to play.

Yes, your competitors will see. But it’s not a race to the bottom. It’s about telling your story throughout your website, so people get to know, like & trust you – and WANT to buy from you.

It’s not the cheapest that wins here, but the best perceived value. It’s your job to show that your business offers the best value for money anywhere.

Yes, your customers will see. That’s the whole point.

But, if you sell amazing designer jeans for £180, there’s no point trying to do business with people who want to spend £30.

If your hand-crafted, bespoke fitted kitchens start from £30,000, there’s no point trying to sell to people who want to spend £5k at B&Q.

Showing your prices repels the people who would never buy from you anyway – saving you the time, energy & hassle of trying to deal with them.

And for people who DO want designer jeans or high-end kitchens, answering the price question upfront not only builds trust, but it helps show that they’re in the right place for them. And when they do pick up the phone or email you, their expectations are already managed.

The price won’t come as a shock. They won’t run a mile. They WANT what you sell or do, and they’re prepared to pay for it.

And if – like us – you don’t have a price list, but the cost of your services reflects your customer’s individual needs, then you can still give a general indication of what they’re likely to spend.

Just explain how your prices are calculated, and answer the question that people want to know.

“If your garden is in Monmouthshire, then our hedge maintenance service starts from around £200. If your trees are very big or awkwardly located – and require specialist equipment to reach them – then we’ll let you know exactly how much extra this would be.

“But as a guide, for an average size garden, our average customer spends £210 on having their overgrown boundaries cut back. We’ll leave your hedges beautifully level & advise you about future maintenance to keep them looking their best. And we’ll remove everything we cut back for composting, so you don’t have to worry about it!

“For an exact quote for your garden, just give us a call on XXX now. And we’ll get an appointment booked for our friendly team to pop out & meet with you!”

And as a consumer, now I know.

Guess which company gets the call?

I know this price is an average – so if my garden is smaller or bigger than average, it’s likely to cost more or less than this. I’ll expect to pay more if my trees are very overgrown or difficult to reach.

But I’m happy with this level of spend. Why would I shop around any further? That business gets the call.

Or – if it’s more than I have to spend – I’ll look elsewhere. As a business owner, your time won’t be wasted dealing with people that would never buy from you anyway.

It’s powerful stuff.

Just don’t leave your customers frustrated, looking for information they WANT but can’t find.

Go forth & display your prices with pride!

Until next time

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