Well – yes. Like it or not, people ARE consuming content 24/7. And as business owners, choosing not to be part of this is a dangerous thing.

The more content we put out, the more our businesses are going to grow.

Growth is divisible by content.


We live in a world where everyone has their phone in their hand, all of the time. They are watching, reading & consuming content ALL of the time.

Back in the day, you’d put the telly on at 10pm to watch the news. You’d listen to Radio 4 for current affairs or entertainment. You’d buy a newspaper, to keep to date with the world around you & thought leaders. You’d reach for a book to find an answer.

Now, it’s all in your hand, all of the time.

News & entertainment is consumed through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instragram & millions of different platforms & sites. Podcasts have replaced the radio. Blogs have replaced newspapers, as platforms to consume information.

We all do it.

I’ve struggled to find accurate up-to-date statistics about how often the average person looks at their phone. A report from 2017 suggested 150 times a day.

But every single time we pick up our phone and scroll through our feeds, we are consuming content.

It’s where our customers eyeballs are & their attention is.

And if, as business owners,  we choose NOT to consistently produce high-value content – then we’re quickly getting left behind.

It’s got to be interesting, entertaining & valuable. With inifite content out there, attention is short. Boring blogs won’t get read & dull videos won’t get watched.

We all need to play to our strengths – whether we’re great on camera, better at the written word or podcasting is our thing (ideally, a blend of all 3).

But the more content we put out there, the more people will find us in the first place.

It’s HOW we can build relationships with people. How you can help them to understand who you are; what your business is all about; and what you stand for. It’s how you bring people closer to you & choosing to buy from you.

The more great content we create, the more we’ll attract people to us & build our audiences. And the more we can then leverage this, to turn them into buyers & grow our businesses.

I know I’m telling you anything new here.

But for some reason, SO many of us seem to have a mental block about getting stuff out there.

  • Is it a fear of being judged?
  • Not having the time to do it?
  • Not seeing the true value in it?
  • Not knowing what to talk about?
  • Not liking it?

In truth, it’s probably a mixture of these things (and many more besides).

Like it or not, our society is NOT going to change any time soon. It’s only going one way. There’s no going back to how things were 20 – or even 2 – years ago.

The more content we create, the more our businesses will grow.

If we don’t consistently put content out, we’re just going to get further & further behind the curve. And we truly believe that’s a dangerous place, for any business owner to be.

For our clients, we help to produce their content AND get it out there – from weekly articles & blog posts, to video content; Social media management; building your customer list & emailing with valuable content them every week (and a million other things!).

And if we can help at all – whether it’s working out what to talk about, or how to get your message out there – then just shout. You can reach me personally on 01600 887529 or laura@tellmystory.uk.

Growth IS divisible by content – however you choose to do it!

Until next time

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