I’m just back from a big event, with the rather wonderful Entrepreneur’s Network.

It was brilliant few days, with a strong marketing focus. Lots of learning with (and from) great people.

I love EN events because they’re very non sales-y. There’s nothing worse than ‘networking’ groups where everyone’s just trying to flog you something.

But despite the firm non-selling approach, a LOT of business does get done.

Because it’s all about the relationships.

As EN members, we see each other a few times a year. We stay in touch between events on Facebook & LinkedIn; on Zoom calls & on each other’s email lists.

We get to know each other & to like each other. We get to trust each other as experts in our chosen fields.

So that when we need something for our businesses – be it HR support, a new phone system or team uniforms – we know who to call.

We don’t hit Google, because there’s someone we know, like & trust to deliver a good job for us.

Now – I am not saying we can all spend time having dinner with our clients & propsects, or spend six hours drinking gin at the bar (which, given the pounding heads on Wednesday morning, is probably never advisable).

BUT our marketing can – and should – aim to build these relationships for us.

We can all use our marketing to tell our story. To help people understand who we are; why we’re the right choice for them; and how WE are the people with the solution they need. To build & strengthen our relationships with our buyers.

Blog posts & articles; video content; regular emails to our clients & prospects; newsletters; across all of our Social Media platforms; in letters & direct mail pieces. The media for our message is (literally) endless.

Even tiny things, like choosing Skype for a call with a client or prospect – rather than a phone call – helps build better relationships. When you’re face-to-face, it just feels like you’re getting to know someone more.

It’s a cliché we’ve probably all heard a million times: ‘People buy from people they like‘.

And when we’re utterly consistent in the way we talk – be it on Social Media, by email or wherever – and we focus on adding value for people & making a difference (however tiny), it truly does help people to like us that little bit more.

Consistency + honest, valuable content builds relationships. It builds trust and it builds desire, bringing people closer to us & ultimately driving sales.

We all NEED the strongest relationships possible, with as many people as possible, to drive our businesses forwards.

And consistently telling your story, in all it’s messy glory – and getting it out there, as far & wide as we can – is a powerful way to do this.

(To find out more about the kind of stuff we can do to help, just drop your details in below. You’ll have to put up with my face in your inbox every week – but it’s a great way to find out more about how we can help tell YOUR story, to build those relationships).

Until next time!

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