Guess which B-I-G business told us to go away this week?

Well, the pic is a bit of a giveaway – but yup. It was Ikea.

We need curtains & blinds for our living room. And – thinking a wander round Ikea would be nice way to while away our Sunday afternoon – we trundled down to Ikea in Bristol.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Ikea on a rainy, school summer-holiday Sunday.

20 minutes of solid queuing later, we arrive at that little mini-roundabout you get in front of Ikea.

And there’s a guy in hi-viz, with his walkie talkie. I wound down the passenger window. And he actually said the words:

“Please go away & try again later.”

The car park was full. But not being a fan of being told what to do, we drove on past him. Stalked a couple with a trolley & waited while they crammed 47 boxes into a Ford Fiesta.

We got into the store – and it was just crazy.

There were queues, everywhere. People everywhere. Completely & utterly nuts.

Now. There’s no doubt that Ikea are successful for many, many reasons.

But one of the BIGGEST reasons is consistency.

Whichever Ikea store you visit, anywhere in the UK, you know you are going to have the same consistency of experience.

You know you’re going up the escaltor; through the bit with the living rooms; past the Billy bookcases. Into the kids bit, where the tantrums are happening. Down into the market hall, where you buy another candle you’ll never light.

They don’t swap the meatballs for steak. Or start selling tables that don’t flat pack.

It’s all about consistency.

And there is real power in consistency for all of us, when it comes to our marketing.

It’s so easy for life get in the way.

It’s so much easier NOT to film the video. Not to email your list this week. Not to write that blog post.

Life just get in the way. Like when the kids are off school or you’ve not slept well. A new client comes in, you’re up against a deadline & you’re so busy doing the doing.

It’s just SO easy not to do this stuff.

But in truth, small, consistent action is THE most important thing.

If you make a plan – or if you tell yourself you’re going to send an email to your customers every week – we HAVE to find a way to make it happen.

Because that’s how we win. That’s how we drive our business forward. Small, consistent action – adding value, building our list & asking for the sale. Day in, day out.

That is what is going to grow our business, drive sales & ultimately make us as successful as we want to be.

And honestly? It’s been real food for thought for me. One of our (favourite!) clients casually mentioned the other day that’s why they love working with us – because we make a plan for them & just get it done. But it is a constant battle to do as much as we’d like for ourselves.

Small, consistent action wins. Every time.

Not what I was expecting to take away from an Ikea trip – but there you go!

Until next time

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