Very, very well! We LOVE BombBomb.

This is why – and how it all works…

If you’ve not come across, then it’s a way of sending video emails, instead of normal emails.

And it’s a REALLY powerful way to get your message heard.

When someone receives your BombBomb email, they get a video that looks like it’s autoplaying in the body of the email. And a big red button to click & watch.

(To see it for yourself, pop your email in below & we’ll send you a quick BombBomb!)

What’s really interesting – from our experience so far – is the 80-90% watch rates.

90%! It’s crazy.

I think it’s because it’s different. It’s the novelty of getting a video from someone you know, in your inbox.

And that’s the key here – using BombBomb in a super-targeted way, to help build relationships with people who already know you.

You could use them to follow up with a client, once you’ve sent a proposal or piece of work out. Just a 30-second video, to see if they have any questions you can help with.

You could use them once a customer has booked an appointment, to say you’re really looking forward to seeing them (especially for new customers – to help them get to know & like you, before they even walk in the door. And help them to actually keep the appointment!).

You could use them for keeping in touch with your clients, and sending a video email every week, with interesting, helpful content.

There’s a whole ton of stuff you could do.

As a tool to get your message received & understood – a video email can be way more effective than a normal email. And it’s SO much more personal, to build that relationship.

It’s super easy to do, too.

You can take a two-week free trial at There’s a big red box when you login – just stick in the email address that you want to send to. Film a quick video on your laptop or phone (with as many re-takes as you like) and click send. Easy!

The tracking is excellent, too. You get a notification once your email’s been opened, and again when the video’s been watched. So you know exactly who’s getting your message.

There’s a whole lot more functionality on the site too.

Now – we’re not on commission for BombBomb (honestly, no hidden motives! We just love it. Quite a lot).

And if (like me) you’re not massively comfortable on camera, then sending video emails probably isn’t something you really fancy doing.

But! Honestly, the results have been so effective, that I’ve stopped caring so much about how I look & sound on camera.

I still don’t like it! And my videos are far from perfect.

But when people’s responses are so positive – and fast – it kind of takes over the reluctance to be on camera.

It really is a great way to grab attention; get your message across & build relationships with your customers.

I warn you – it’s addictive!

Until next time

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