Quite simply – you build the BEST relationships you can with people. And then you increase the number of people you have a relationship with, to turn them into customers.

I’m sorry. It’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

Because building relationships takes time. There are NO shortcuts; no quick fix. You can’t manufacture relationships. You can’t go out and buy them.

But it matters. We live in a world of relentless marketing – and we’re all tired of it. We’re wise to it. The old tricks & manipulations just don’t work any more.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to find & reach people, to start building those real connections, at very little cost.

It’s the same for B2B as B2C – businesses don’t buy from you. People buy from you. And if you build relationships with the key decision makers, so that they know, like & trust you, then the sales are far more likely to come your way.

So where do you start? What do ‘relationships’ even mean for your business?


1. It’s about creating content that’s interesting & relevant to people in your market – and therefore valuable to them.

2. It’s about sharing this with them every single week – by email, on your Social Media networks & your website.

3. And then it’s about increasing the number of relationships you have, to increase the number of people who’ll choose to buy from you when the time comes (we’ll talk more about tactics & tools to build your audience in future blogs).

It truly is that simple.

The key here is interesting & relevant. It’s NOT about you – but what’s important to your customers. And it really, truly cannot be boring (none of us has time for that).

Talking about easy restoration jobs, that classic car owners can tackle at home? That’s interesting & relevant to me if I drive a 1980’s Porsche, that always needs work.

Talking about easy-to-grow vegetables to plant now, so you can harvest your own in June? That’s interesting & relevant to me if I have a garden & have always fancied growing more with the children.

Talking about whether you have to pay your staff, if your business is closed for snow? That’s interesting & relevant to me if I’m a business owner, and the forecast is not looking so good.

You get the picture.

I get to know you, because you’re sending me stuff that’s interesting & helpful, week after week. I get used to hearing from your business.

I start to like you. I get a feel for what your business is all about; who you are & what you stand for. I get that you share my values, about what matters to me.

I start to trust you – because you’re NOT going for the hard sell – but you’re putting the time & effort in to build a relationship with me.

And when I need a part for my Porsche – or trellis for my garden, or HR advice for my business – do I Google it? Do I call the business I’ve never heard of?

Or do I call YOU, who I know, like & trust? Who are popping up in my inbox & on my Facebook every week, with interesting & helpful stuff?

It works. Truly, it does.

If what you say is interesting and relevant, your potential customers WILL engage with you.

We do get that you’re busy. There’s a million things to do. And that finding time to create content isn’t easy – especially decent content (which is what you need).

But we believe it is THE most important thing that any business owner should be doing right now. Building the best relationships you can with people; and then increasing the number of people you have relationships with.

It’s not going to transform your business overnight.

But 12 months from now – when the comments & replies lead to calls, and sales, and more customers who love you – you’ll be very glad you started.

Until next time

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