Well – you’re not alone! Finding time to get your marketing done is a big fat challenge, for all us business owners.

Here in my office, there’s 2 great big lights; a blue screen; green screen; tripod & video camera.

One of our lovely clients has kindly lent us their equipment, so we can film some new video content for our website.

I’m embarrassed & ashamed to tell you that it’s been sitting here for a good couple of weeks – and I have done NOTHING with it.

Now – it’s not because I don’t want to, or I don’t recognise the value. I KNOW how important this is.

But we’ve been very, very lucky to bring in some brilliant new clients recently. And all of our time this month has been spent fulfilling client work.

It’s great for me, because that’s what I love to do. I love to write.

But there’s a huge danger for all of us that, when we get tied up in the fulfilment & day-to-day doing in our businesses, that our marketing activity gets shoved to the side.

And it’s a problem.

Because the more emails we all send out; the more content we all produce for our audiences; the more networking events we go to; the more relationships we build – THIS is the stuff that drives our businesses forward.

All of that marketing activity really, really matters.

Because the more marketing we do, the more success we have.

It is always going to be a balance.

For us, the key is bringing in people to help.

We’ll bring people in for an afternoon to film our videos, edit them & get them onto our website. They’ll hold us accountable (paying for something does that!) and ensure we get it done.

All I need to worry about is what I’m saying, and our marketing message – which is what I’m best at.

But it IS tough.

For us, writing for our clients is always going to be THE most important thing.

For most of us, doing the fulfilment work is probably the part of our working lives that we enjoy most. And it’s so, so easy to push our marketing activity aside, if we don’t enjoy it so much.

And yet we HAVE to find a way to make the marketing activity happen. Otherwise everything slows down. We stop moving our businesses forwards, and if we’re not careful, things can easily start to stagnate.

Every single time I walk into my office, that damn video equipment is an uncomfortable reminder of the stuff I should be doing.

I’ve GOT to make it happen.

And bringing people in to help is 100% the way for us to do that.

Yes, there’s a cost. And yes, it takes time.

But if the alternative is standing still & NOT driving our business forwards, then it’s worth every last penny…

Until next time

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