If you want to create more valuable content – to drive more customers into YOUR business – then you need space to think clearly, and be creative.

And I think there’s a good reason most of us have our best ideas in the shower (or in the car!).

Because they’re two of the only places where we’re not surrounded by stuff. Our minds are free of the day-to-day distractions.

This week, we’ve revamped my office. We’ve moved a LOT of the shelving & clutter out. The space feels loads bigger & much more light.

And I’ve been surprised how much it’s helped my ability to sit down & focus on the important things I need to do.

It’s like getting rid of a ton of stuff has freed up space in my mind, too.

If you’re surrounded by physical clutter – and the mental clutter of being IN the business, doing the doing – then it really doesn’t set you up to succeed.

It’s just not possible to think clearly if your door is constantly being knocked. If you’re fighting fires all day. If you’re surrounded by all the stuff that stresses you out.

Thinking clearly is never going to happen.

As business owners, it’s our job to make the big strategic decisions. To figure out & do the most important things, that will drive our business forwards.

It’s our job to find new ways to get more customers – AND get them coming back more often, to drive sales.

We have to keep creating new ways to serve our clients better & to add more value for them, to grow our businesses.

It’s hard!

And you NEED the space to be creative. You can’t produce great content – or make good decisions – if you’re constantly being pulled back into the day-to-day.

So what’s the answer? How DO you think more clearly + creatively?

  1. Create the right space.

Physical space, that sets you up to succeed. Space that you can breathe easily in, so you can settle down to focused work.

Get rid of the stuff that stresses you out.

Cashflow stresses? Move your account files into a cupboard with doors, so you don’t have to sit & look at them.

Staff headaches? Move your personnel stuff, too. Don’t leave CVs or performance reviews lying about on your desk.

Constantly battling with stock? Get all supplier catalogues + price lists out the way. Take their business cards off the noticeboard in front of you. Replace them with your goals, instead.

I KNOW this sounds simple.

But having done it, I promise – it REALLY does help.

Clearing the physical space helps free up your mental space, to think clearly + creatively.

2. Remove the distractions.

You can’t think clearly (or write creatively) when your thoughts are interrupted.

Put your phones on silent. Log out of your email + all Social Media (unless you’re working on specific marketing). Stick a sign on your door that you’re not to be disturbed until a certain time.

There is little in this world that can’t wait for an hour, while you have focussed time to be truly productive.

And the only way to think clearly is to take yourself out of the day-to-day stuff, for a while.

3. Make a plan before you start.

What’s your priority right now?

Is it creating amazing new content for your website or an email campaign, to connect with people & drive new customers in?

Do you need to find new solutions to a particular problem?

Is it crafting your services into a new package for your clients + adding more value, so you can increase your prices?

And I find that getting super specific on what you need to achieve or produce – before you even start – is really motivating, too.

4. Are you asking the right questions?

Quality thinking comes from asking the right questions.

I know it’s a vicious circle.

You NEED quality thinking, to ask the right questions that will solve your problems. But you can’t DO the quality thinking, because you’re too busy solving the problems.

It’s chicken + egg.

I’ve learnt this the (very) hard way.

But the only way out is to create the physical + mental space to think clearly, so you can start asking yourself better questions.

You need to be producing great content. But is your marketing focused on the right people? Or is there a stronger opportunity out there, that you’ve not thought of yet? Is there a better way to reach them & spread your message?

Are you even trying to solve the right problems? Or is there another way?

If you were going to start your business again tomorrow – what would be different? Would this challenge still exist?

You get the picture!

I know it’s easy for me to sit here & write this stuff down. And that’s it’s way harder to do. I battle with it every day.

But it does get easier, when you make it a priority to have the space + time to think clearly. Distractions are the killer of creativity.

It has to be a conscious decision.

And one I’m very glad to be making!

Until next time

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