Well – it depends what you WANT, from going to any networking event.

But if you’re clear on what you want, then the right networking is incredibly powerful.

I’ve just got back from the first Monmouth Big Breakfast event.

It was awesome. Just brilliant.

80 switched-on local businesses, in one room. For 3 hours, over breakfast, we made our 20-second pitches & heard from two great speakers.

And we talked.

I met brilliant people I would never have met otherwise. And we talked about so much stuff – from staffing woes to dreams + schemes to re-invigorate our high street in Monmouth (which, sadly, is suffering from more & more empty stores).

I got back to my desk feeling invigorated & inspired (and then noticed the damn scrambled eggs down my jacket. Classy!).

Will we get any new business from 3 hours networking today?

Well, maybe. I’d dearly LOVE to work with some of the people I met today. I know we could bring a ton of value for them.

But that wasn’t the point.

As business owners, it’s just SO easy to get stuck in our own heads. We’re fighting the daily battle to serve our clients & grow our businesses.

Sometimes, there’s another way. A better way, even.

We just don’t know it yet.

Whatever challenges we’re facing, there are people out there who can help. People who’ve been through it before & can help us succeed.

If we’re just sitting at our desks, we’ll never know.

And we’ll certainly never meet them.

What did I learn today?

Going to networking events to sell what you do is missing the true opportunity.

It’s WAY more powerful if you network with the intention of learning. To find solutions to your own challenges. To get inspired. And to add value for others, wherever you can.

If you use networking to build your knowledge + relationships – rather than selling – then growth WILL come. In ourselves and our businesses.

Now to find my next networking event…

Until next time

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