I was rather excited to receive this shiny bit of post this week.Red Medium Up

Literally – in a shiny purple envelope.

It was handwritten, to me, with a stamp on the front.

It looked very, very personal. The sort of thing that might be from a friend or have a nice card inside.

Do you think it got opened?

Hell, yeah!

I unceremoniously shoved the bills aside & tore into the shiny purple envelope.

And inside was a sales letter, from the Entrepreneurs Network (who I thoroughly recommend, by the way!).

A very non-salesy sales letter, but a sales letter none-the-less.

If they had emailed this information over, would I have read it? Well, maybe.

If they’d posted it in their Facebook group? Probably not.

But by writing to me – and making it look so very personal & exciting – it almost guaranteed that the letter got opened.

It’s a brilliant way to get your marketing message opened & consumed by the people you’re trying to reach.

Would it work in YOUR business?


If you’re emailing your list regularly – and you have people you KNOW are opening them & clicking your links – then a personalised, tailored sales letter might be the nudge you need to get them over the line, and turn them into customers.

If you have a dream list – maybe 25 or 100 people you’d REALLY like to work with – then sending them a personalised sales letter like this would be a smart idea. Even if you just send 5 every month, that’s 60 targeted sales conversations over a year that you might not otherwise be having.

Or after your customers have bought from you – sending them a personalised, follow-up sales letter is a wonderful thing. Not only to re-affirm that they’ve made a great choice, and reduce buyer’s remorse, but to keep the sales conversation going. Are there other ways you can serve them? Other products they’d be interested in buying from you?

Now – it goes without saying that your sales letter has to be strong. Getting it opened is just the first step.

There’s no point in investing your hard-earned cashflow on direct mail – and the time & energy – if your content sucks.

It’s GOT to be interesting, relevant & useful. Your sales letter HAS to drive them to take the action you need. (We can always help with this – just shout!).

But it’s a brilliant reminder for us this week, about the power of personalised post.

And real food for thought, about how we can use more direct mail in our marketing mix.

I hope it does the same for you!

Until next time

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