Yes. We have used flyers many (many) times. And there’s no question that the right flyer – with the right message & a strong offer, to the right people – WILL drive customers into your business.


Well, people want what you offer. Sometimes, you just need to give them a reason to buy. From YOU.

And a great flyer arriving neatly on their doormat is an awesome way to do this.

But it IS all about the quality of your message – what you say, and the way you say it. A half-hearted, boring attempt just won’t cut it.

Boring or not relevant to me = junk mail.

So how DO you avoid your marketing efforts being tossed away?

1) Tell your story. If your message is interesting and relevant to them, people WILL read it.

2) Include a compelling offer, with a deadline. Make it a no-brainer for your potential customers to take the action you want.

3) Spell out EXACTLY what they should do next.

Let’s break this down.

1) Tell your story.

Your flyer is in their hand. You have only seconds to keep their interest.

And the greatest way to do this is to tell your story.

We’ve all been at a bar or family gathering where someone’s banged on, telling a story that’s long / boring / irrelevant. Where everyone’s eyes glaze over. That is not what we’re going for here.

Good stories are interesting & get your point across in a compelling way.

Your story MUST be relevant & strike a chord. It’s got to be tailored to who you’re talking to. Irrelevant or boring = junk mail.

Your story should have a beginning, an issue, a solution (your product or service) and an end.

All neatly crafted into your concise, easy-to-read flyer.

2) Include a compelling offer, with a deadline.

  • Free papadums and a free bottle of coke, if I spend £20 on a takeaway by this Saturday?
  • Free window cleaning on all windows on the front of my house, if booked by next Tuesday?
  • Just £5 for a large Veg Box from my local organic farm shop – with free delivery – if I order by Friday?

Oh, go on then.

Strong offers like these – with a strong deadline – work. And they don’t cost you, the business owner, a fortune to drive new customers in.

Papadums and coke are very low cost. But add a lot of value for the customer.

If you clean my front windows for free, then I’ll probably pay you to clean the back too. And book you again every month if you do a good job.

£5 for a large box of fresh, local organic veg is amazing value. And if just 10% of people then go on to order weekly, that’s a significant return on investment.

And the deadline drives action, NOW.


  • A voucher for 10% off?
  • £5 off when I spend £50?
  • An unspecified free gift with every purchase?

Or no offer at all (which is true of most stuff through my door)?

Not so compelling.

Recycling bin, it is.

3) Spell out EXACTLY what they should do next.

This makes it super-easy for your new customers to do business with you.

Spell out exactly what you want them to do:

“Call XXX before Saturday to order your takeaway – and give us this leaflet to get your FREE papadums & coke, when you spend £20!”

“Just call XXX by Tuesday to book an appointment. And we’ll clean all of your front windows, absolutely FREE!”

“Call XXX before Friday to order your first Veg Box for just £5!”.

Nice & easy – just tell them what to do next, so it’s crystal clear HOW they can take advantage of your super offer.

Of course, we could go on about design; layout; fonts; when to send them; which printer to use etc etc etc. This stuff is important (and we’ll come back to it in another blog).

But the bottom line is that your message & your offer are THE most important things.

Be interesting. Be relevant. Spread the word & find customers who’ll love you.

Go unleash your flyers on the world!

Until next time

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