If you get a conversation with a prospect – can you make a sale?

It’s an interesting question.

Because for most of us, the answer is yes.

Maybe not every time. Maybe it’s 1 in 2. Or even 1 in 10.

But the truth is that for most of us, we’re waaaaay more likely to make a sale if we get to talk to someone.

I was away at a marketing conference earlier this week. And it was the word that just kept popping up, time & time again – conversation.

For most of us (especially if we sell higher-value products & services), we’re simply unlikely to get people to buy from us without speaking with them first.

And it’s great for giving us real clarity around the marketing we all do.

It’s our job – in all of our marketing – to get those conversations started.

Whether it’s email campaigns; direct mail pieces; sales letters; all of the content you’re putting out, to bring people closer to you; on all of your Social Media platforms – the point HAS to be to start a sales conversation.

It might be by phone. It might be face-to-face. It might be on your shop floor. It might be through Facebook messenger or live chat on your website (especially if you sell products online).

However it happens – once we can get that person talking to us, we are SO much more likely to get that sale.

Because we can listen & learn what they need. We can sell them on the benefits; help them understand the value we can bring. And close the deal to get them buying from us.

It’s real clarity.

Get those conversations started – REAL conversations – and the sales will come…

Until next time

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