Laura’s Story

Right now – I’m sitting in Costa, trying to write this page (soooo much easier to write about other people, than it is yourself!).

How do you know what to say on your ‘about’ page? Without being all ‘me me me’? How to even begin to tell your story?

Your ‘about’ page needs to connect people to you. To help people understand who you are; what you stand for & why YOU are the right person to help them (without being boring or waffling on – will let you be the judge of that!).

So here goes…

Words have always been my ‘thing’.

Some kids love movies or Disney or football. For me, it was always words.

I’d get through 6 books a week, checked out from the town library after swimming lessons every Tuesday.

I had the top bunk (my little sister resigned to the bottom) & I’d read until gone 2am, making a tent with my duvet & tucking my lamp underneath.

I wrote too. A LOT. I wanted to be an author when I grew up.

Then – like for so many of us – life took over.

I screwed up my A-levels; managed a decent degree in English Literature; and started a series of deeply unsatisfying jobs (none lasting more than 6 months).

Roll forward to starting my first business, back in 2009.

It did not work out.

We sold horse riding stuff – starting with a website, selling stock we kept in the loft.

Opened a little store – so small, you could almost touch all four walls.

Grew into a massive store – big team & multi 6-figure turnover.

Massive overheads & tiny margins (less than 10% gross – what was I thinking?!).

I grew to HATE it.

I’d inadvertently built a business that was everything I didn’t want.

Crazy hours (I could NEVER switch off). A stupidly complicated business + supply chain.

And despite decent turnover, taking home less than I made in my first ever job.

You don’t know what you don’t know (and honestly, if things aren’t perfect in your business right now either – I SO know how that feels!).

The day we closed the doors was the hardest day.

I felt like the world’s biggest failure. I hid from everyone & everything. For months.

But one thing I’d been damn good at? Getting customers. Making sales. And keeping our loyal customers happy, for a LONG time.

When we told people we were closing, we had customers crying at the tills (yes – really). That place we created mattered to them.

On the side, I’d been writing copy for others for a few years. They saw what I was doing & asked for my help, to get more customers themselves.

So the natural next step was to stop seeing writing as my passion project – on the side – and start doing this properly.

And Tell My Story was born!

I’ve invested 000’s of hours & pounds into honing my craft, studying & learning from some of the best in the world.

We see amazing results for our clients. They have their best ever launches; bring in high-value 1:1 clients from their websites & see their social media engagements rocket.

But the BIGGEST thing is the way they feel about their business, once they nail their message & find the perfect words to share it with the world.

They have the confidence to show up & get way more visible, than ever before.

They believe their launch will work.

They promote their website (everywhere!), feeling so proud of it.

They go live, without fear of what to say.

They start telling everyone how to buy from them – instead of hiding away (like I once did).

And that’s the thing that I love most.

I believe that powerful copy is the MOST important tool in your business.

It’s where money is made. It’s where loyal, raving fans are made. It’s where you show up, help others & make a difference in the world.

And I also believe it doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s just about knowing the system – the building blocks of writing amazing copy & putting them all together, to create words that work for YOU.

So that’s me!

We’re 100% not right for everyone.

But if you think we might be the right fit for each otherhere’s where you can find out more about working together.

Here’s to your success!