Well – this week’s blog is a little different. Because this video is a real masterclass in video marketing (and too good NOT to study!).

It’s called “The Courage to Change”, by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Click here to see what I’m talking about on YouTube (it’s only 2 mins long).

It’s had millions of shares on social media – resulting in her shock victory in a New York Democratic primary earlier this week.

Last week, barely anyone outside of the Bronx had ever heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But now even we’re talking about her, here in little old Wales.

Now. It doesn’t matter what your politics are. It doesn’t matter whether you like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or whether you agree with her.

It’s irrelvant in this context – because her marketing video was incredible.


It’s a masterclass in telling your story. In understanding your target market; crafting messages & and choosing language that resonates with those people, to drive them to take the action you need.

Every single word & sentence is designed to connect & resonate with her audience. It feels honest & real (despite costing $200k to produce).

Her marketing message is what people want to hear.

It’s powerful, powerful stuff.

And it should be food for thought for all of us, wanting to connect with our target market & drive sales.

Whether we recognise it or not, there are always deep emotions around what we do or sell.

All of our potential customers have deep internal desires:

  • People want meaningful relationships. They want to experience love.
  • They want to be healthy; to feel fit & strong.
  • People want to feel secure & set up for life. They don’t want to worry about the future.
  • They want to be liked. They want people to think well of them.
  • They want to feel like they’re accomplishing things, because of how they imagine they’ll feel afterwards.

The list goes on.

Whatever your product or service might be, there’s a true skill in understanding what your prospects ACTUALLY want.

Not what they say they want – but thinking deeper, about their actual motivational drivers.

And if you can then craft this is into a compelling marketing message – that resonates with their conscious + subconscious desires –  then we’re all FAR more likely to drive the action we need want, and get people transacting with us.

Exactly like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done.

Until next time

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