When did you last remind your customers to buy from you?

There are natural times every year that prompt people to buy. You don’t have tell anyone that Christmas is coming (although they still need reminding to buy from YOU).

Then there’s Easter & birthdays. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day & endless other ‘days’ (the greetings card industry has a lot to answer for!).

If you have a business where people buy annually – when their car needs it’s MOT; they need their annual eye exam or their insurance is up for renewal – you have a natural point to get in touch & remind them.

But for lots of us – where buying behaviours are more ad-hoc – there’s not necessarily that routine of reminding people to buy from us again.

And I think we can all take something from a cracking example that hit my doormat this week – from the local vet.

The first part was a postcard (pic above), about their ‘Vaccination Amnesty’.

It turns out my old collie’s boosters are overdue (not intentionally, honest) & now she needs a full course to be immunised again.


But! The good news is that “as an incentive to get back on track”, we can have a complete new course for the price of a single booster if we book her in this month.

I LOVE this. It’s very clever – a gentle reminder, a little guilt that I’m a rubbish pet owner, the annoyance that my lapse will cost £££. And then a solution that will certainly drive me to spend money with them again.

It’s a smart tactic if you’ve run an offer & people haven’t bought. There’s likely to be a % who meant to get round to it – but never did (we’ve all been there!). So a carefully thought-through reminder, with a tight deadline extending the offer for another couple of weeks, might be just the ticket to nudge them to buy before they forget again.

The second part was their newsletter.

It’s a single page of A4, on nice glossy paper, printed both sides.

Now – this clearly won’t have the impact of a 4 or 8 page newsletter. Or the longevity. But it’s a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper) to produce.

And there’s no doubt that done well, even a basic 1-page newsletter can remind your customers exactly why they should buy from you again.

In this example, there’s a friendly little column about the practice & then 5 short articles – neutering, canine heart disease, pet insurance and so on. Nothing earth shattering there.

One article IS relevant to me though – doggy toothache. There’s gruesome photos of the stages of gum disease. And it’s reminded me that my little rescue dog (who was in kennels for a good few years) could really do with his teeth looking at.

So I’ll do that too, when I go for the boosters.

More £££ in the vet’s tills (for a change!).

But the point is a good one.

  • Would I have bought from that practice again – this month – without their postcard reminder? No.
  • Would I then spend more money with them – on another service – without their newsletter reminder? No.

It really can be a simple as that. Just getting in touch with our customers & reminding them we’re here; this is what we do; and this is why you might need it.

It takes some thought + some action. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remind them, more often.

And if we can help at all – with what to say, HOW to remind your customers or just making it happen – we’d love to help. Just give us a shout on 01600 887529 or email laura@tellmystory.uk.

I’m off to see a man about a dog…

Until next time

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