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Strategy Sessions with Laura

  • Do you struggle to say what you really mean in your copy?
  • Do you need more clarity on your message – why YOUR business is different & why people should choose you – in a way that’s concise & stands out from your competitors?
  • Are you posting all the time on social media – but your message just doesn’t seem to be connecting & hardly anyone’s engaging?
  • Do you need a clear content plan – exactly what say, where and when – to grow your audience & bring more new clients in?
  • Maybe you just feel completely overwhelmed with everything you could be doing, and desperately want a clear plan about where to focus & what to do next?

If so, then a 1:1 Strategy Session is perfect for you!

If you want to convey your message with passion – I’d definitely recommend a Strategy Session with Laura! I was struggling to find the right words to describe our business & what we do. Laura instantly understood the angle I was looking for! It’s a huge relief to have the perfect words now & understand the techniques to write about our brand. I just wish I’d booked one much sooner!

Laura Dean

The Travel Design Company

By the end of our 60-minutes on Zoom together, you’ll leave with absolute clarity, knowing the exact next steps to take. You’ll feel completely confident to move forward & excited to crack on!

You’ll get the full recording of your session too. So if we’ve worked on nailing your message (for example), you can watch it back for the EXACT words & language to use, without having to take heaps of notes.

All for a total investment of just £297!

Strategy Session slots are strictly limited though & do fill up fast each month.

So if you’re ready to take the next step – here’s where you can book your Strategy Session, straight into my diary.

Would love to help!


I highly recommend a Strategy Session with Laura! She is SO insightful, quick witted and the speed at which we covered sooo many of my problems was amazing. I thought I was clear on what I needed to do next. But after my session with Laura, the clarity I got about the exact steps to take & exact messaging I need to share – it was just next level!

Gyan Gurung

Gyan Gurung Photography

I’ve just had a Strategy Session with Laura…and oh my god, it was amazing! I was really stuck with my social media. In an hour, she has cleared my head & given me a simple strategy. Now, I know exactly what I’m doing & I’m just so excited! It’s incredible how just an hour with Laura can completely change your mindset & give you the proper tools to actually get on & do things. Thank you Laura – you are blooming brilliant!

Alison Holmes

Networking Coach

8-Week 1:1 ‘Success Accelerator’: Focus, Accountability & Support

  • Do you know what you should be doing – but struggle to actually get it done?
  • Like sending the weekly emails, getting your new funnel out there or launching that new course you’ve been thinking about forever?
  • Maybe there’s a million ideas swimming around your head (know that feeling!). And you need to get them out of your brain, into a clear step-by-step plan, to start making them happen?
  • Perhaps something in your business just isn’t quite working – like the services you’re offering right now, the clients you’re attracting, or your audience isn’t growing. And you need someone to help you figure it all out?
  • Or maybe you’ve just fallen out of love with your business or the clients you’ve fallen into working with. And you desperately want to feel inspired, motivated & energised again

Honestly? I’ve been there too. I’ve had amazing support from my own coaches & Mastermind groups – and I KNOW how completely transformational it feels, when you find the right person to turn to for support.

I’d love to be that person for you.

During our 8 weeks together, we’ll turn all the confusion & overwhelm into a clear plan of action. I’ll be here to support you at every step – from motivating you on those days when it all feels too hard, to practical advice like creating your new sales page or writing your new funnel.

Once we’ve worked out your strategy & mapped out your plan, I’ll hold you 100% accountable to DO it. You’ll get clear action steps after each session & goals to work on by the time we see each other again.

All to help you focus, take MORE action & make faster progress towards the business + success you KNOW you’re capable of!

Your 8-Week 1:1 ‘Success Accelerator’ Package includes:

  • 3 x 90-minute Zoom sessions, over our 8 weeks together;
  • 1 x 60-minute Zoom session, 4 weeks later – to make sure you’re on track;
  • Full recordings of each session, if you want to re-visit anything we’ve talked about;
  • Written action steps & goals at the end of each session, so you have 100% clarity on the exact things you need to do;
  • And my full support with anything you need in between our sessions, by email or Facebook messenger.

If you’d like – and our diaries work – there’s also the option to have one of your 3 x 90-minute sessions together in person in London, rather than on Zoom.

All for your total investment of £1497, or 3 x monthly instalments of £497.

Next Steps

So if that sounds like the exact support you’ve been looking for – the clarity, focus & accountability you need, to take accelerate YOUR success – the next step is to book a call in my diary.

We’ll talk everything through (on Zoom or the phone) – your plans, your goals & what’s holding you back right now.

We’ll make 100% sure we’re the right fit for each other. And if you’re ready to get started, we’ll get your first session booked in.

Would LOVE to chat more about working together!


For me, working with Laura was a no-brainer. I needed to get clearer on my offerings, who I was working with & how. I knew I would struggle to work through it alone & needed accountability & support.

“Now, I’ve got a lot more clarity. I’ve gained the confidence to change my packages and increase my prices. I’m now fully booked & my revenue has increased month-on-month. Most importantly, I’m working with clients I love.

“Laura really knows her stuff – but more importantly, she really cares. It’s great having her there to share my successes with & reach out to when I need support or a second opinion, from someone who really knows me & what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve loved every minute of working together!

Becky Wise

Facebook Ads Specialist

Before I started working with Laura, I felt like I had a lot of basics in place. I knew what I wanted to do & where I wanted to go with my business – but I didn’t have a proper structure to get there. And I’m not the best with time management & motivation!

I was looking for 1:1 accountability – and that’s exactly what Laura gave me. The sessions are completely focused, working through everything you need. Now, I’m clearer than ever. I’m motivated & know exactly what my next steps are.

With my session recordings to look back on & my action points all in an email from Laura, I could very quickly & purposefully get to the next step.

Being able to walk through my content plan, emails & sales pages has been huge too. I’ve got clear structures now & templates for everything, which is incredible & makes me feel so much clearer.

The biggest thing for me has been taking action. On everything. All the ideas I had floating around & the basics I had in place are now actually being put into action, which has made a huge difference.

But the best thing has been Laura’s positivity & faith in me. We all wobble sometimes & Laura’s faith that I CAN do it has been huge. Everything she says about what I’m trying to do & my message is just so positive, that means so much to me. It’s very uplifting.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves & you need someone on your side. I know Laura’s in my corner and she’s got my back. She’s a real giver and that is wonderful. Thank you so much Laura, for everything

Amanda Savory

Midlife Mentor