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Copy that connects with your ideal clients

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The right words MATTER, to grow your business

Every time you use words, to get other people to do what you want – that’s copywriting!

Not just the obvious stuff like your website & sales pages, but your social media posts. Your freebie & your funnels. Your emails & newsletters. Everything.

If you want more people to engage, click, download and book with you – we’ve GOT to compel them into action with our words.

But I know it’s not always easy (especially if writing doesn’t come naturally to you!).

We help you create amazing copy that connects deeply with your ideal clients. And drives more of the action YOU need.

  • Maybe you don’t love your website copy. It just doesn’t sound like you?
  • Maybe you’ve got a big launch coming up – and you need the right copy, to make it a huge success?
  • Maybe you’re posting on social media ALL the time – but no-one’s really engaging?

There’s SO much we can do together! 

Yes, it’s about making more sales. But it’s NOT about ‘closing the sale’, feeling pushy or sales-y and fighting for every new client.

It’s about using your words to nurture your audience & build deep relationships. To create a community of people who LOVE you & what you do.

It’s telling your story & connecting with people. Getting to the heart of your message – and communicating it clearly, in your unique voice.

Showing people exactly how you can help them – and then spelling out the next steps to work with you.

So when the time is right – your ideal clients can’t wait to buy from YOU! Because they know that you’re 100% the right person, to get the results they need.

We truly believe this is at the heart of building a long-lasting, profitable business that you love. 

From us editing your copy for you, to learning HOW to write amazing copy yourself or getting 1:1 support – we’d love to help. 

Just have a look around & see what we could do together. 

And thank you – I’m so glad you’re here!


Laura’s bought absolute life & magic to my website copy & emails! She’s such a star to work with & really does take the time to get to know you. If you’re not sure whether your copy is good enough…I’d highly recommend her!

Amanda Hutchinson

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